About Deepwater

The Deepwater framework is an open source PHP5 framework designed to create rapid web applications. The core of Deepwater is structured to allow people to program from within the framework. The workflow of programing inside a framework saves time by allowing creators to see their work as they create it. The framework handles user authentication, so different pages are available to different users. We have made it easy to create user roles, and pages for users with specific roles.

The core code of Deepwater is beautifully simple and maintained using Github. The libraries in use are also open source and maintained on Github. The Deepwater project was rewritten to use object-oriented programing and is thus easy to maintain. A developer can view all of the core code once logged in. This makes understanding how to use Deepwater completely transparent to a new developer.


  • Fluid grid layout for a seamless mobile to desktop experience. Go ahead, rotate or resize.
  • Intuitive code editing with syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Multiple designs with one installation for unique sites.
  • Lightweight design for incredibly fast page load times.
  • Open source with a friendly BSD license.


  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Mysql
  • PHP version > 5.3.3